Swimming pools can be a daunting place to be if you cannot see very well without your glasses on.

Prescription swimming goggles are a very easy answer to this and start from £35.00 a pair making them an affordable solution even for children. They come in a variety of colours and two different sizes- adult and children. No need to have an eye test just bring in your latest prescription and we can take it from there.

If you have a large amount of astigmatism the basic goggles may not be adequate but you can try before you buy and we can make bespoke swimming goggles to include your astigmatism correction.

Swim with confidence and stay safe with our prescription goggles.

NB It is not advisable to swim with contact lenses as this increases significantly the risk of getting a serious eye infection so contact lens wearers should consider have prescription goggles.


Snorkelling- Scuba Diving Masks

Prescription diving masks are more affordable than you think and why would you fly to somewhere amazing to see the beautiful wildlife under the sea and risk missing the details because of not remembering to order a prescription diving mask. All prescriptions can be catered for and if you need reading glasses then you might need a bifocal mask prescription so you can read equipment such as your oxygen tank levels while under water.

If you have an up to date spectacle prescription then all you need to do is arrange an appointment with one of our expert dispensing opticians and we can take it from there. You can book that appointment online- choose a Spectacle Dispensing Appointment as this will be with the right person and for the right amount of time.