Gator Swimming Goggles with Prescription

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Choose the nearest Sph (DS) measurements from your most recent prescription. There’s no need to send in your prescription to us, however we may call you to advise of the best prescription to choose. Approx. delivery time 7-14 working days.

Available in prescriptions: -1.00DS , -1.50DS , -2.00DS , -2.50DS , -3.00DS , -3.50DS , -4.00DS , -4.50DS , -5.00DS , -5.50DS , -6.00DS , -7.00DS , -8.00DS , -9.00DS , -10.00DS

+1.00DS , +2.00DS , +3.00DS , +4.00DS , +5.00DS , +6.00DS , +8.00DS

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Prescription adult fit swimming goggles with either clear or grey smoke lenses. Available in different colours too! The lenses are best sphere, so do not include any astigmatic correction. Junior Style (child’s fit) are available in store only, due to ophthalmic legislation; please call on 01273 843946 to arrange an appointment to view these. We may call you once an order has been placed to ensure the correct prescription values have been ordered.

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Black with Clear Lens, Black with Smoke Lens, Red with Clear Lens, Red with Smoke Lens, Blue with Clear Lens, Blue with Smoke Lens, Aqua with Clear Lens, Aqua with Smoke Lens, Lilac with Clear Lens, Lilac with Smoke Lens, Yellow with Clear Lens, Yellow with Smoke Lens, Green with Clear Lens, Green with Smoke Lens, White with Clear Lens, White with Smoke Lens

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