Optomap retinal imaging

What is Optomap Retinal Imaging

Optomap is a state-of-the-art retinal imaging technology from Optos used during our routine eye tests. By using Optomap to examine your retina we can effectively detect not only eye conditions, but conditions that affect your general health too. 


Why do we use Optomap?


Optomap allows us to quickly and effectively screen for eye conditions and retinal disease that cause vision impairment and in extreme cases, blindness. Eye conditions such as glaucoma, AMD (age-related macular degeneration), melanoma and retinal detachment can be detected early.

The Optomap at Hassocks Eyecare has helped us to identify several patients with retinal detachments during routine eye examinations. All these patients have been swiftly referred and gone on to have successful corrective surgery. 


Eye tests with Optomap


Optomap takes an ultra-wide digital image of your retina (the back of your eye) using Optos scanning laser technology. It’s the only technology to capture 82% of your retina in one image. With more traditional retinal imaging methods, we would only see around 15% of your retina at one time.

Optomap is suitable for everyone, including children and the eldery. It is quick and painless – we’ll ask you to look into the machine one eye at a time and it takes less than a second to capture the image. 

Optomap retinal imaging is included as standard in our regular and GOLD private eye examinations. For our NHS patients, you can choose to add Optomap to an eye examination for an additional £30 for adults and £5 for children. 

If you have any questions about retinal screening, please call us on 01273 843946 or read more about Optomap in our blog post here.