Dry Eye Clinic

In 2013 we introduced an additional private service for patients who suffer with clinical dry eye and it has proved to be a very satisfying clinic helping lots of patients, several of whom had been suffering for some years.

Symptoms of a clinically dry eye include:-

  • sore eyes
  • gritty eyes
  • watery eyes
  • red eyes

The management of this chronic condition often requires some understanding on the part of the sufferer of the reasons for dry eye; largely the route to more comfortable eyes is a tailored package of drops and eye and lid hygiene to be carried out at home. Experience has shown us that there is not enough time to address the condition as part of a normal routine eye examination.

We offer two options:-

  1. When booking your normal eye examination ask for additional time to discuss your dry eye problems. Fee £20.
  2. Book a Dry Eye Clinic package for £120.00 which includes:
  • Initial consultation
  • One month supply of drops and care products
  • Follow-up appointment

If you are not sure which of these would suit you best please speak to our reception team who can provide you with more information and will be able to post you our Dry Eye Clinic leaflet- or alternatively download the leaflet via the link below.

Dry eye is an increasingly common condition and has been linked to the ever-longer screen time modern life often dictates. There is no cure but there are many things you can do to improve your comfort.

Click the link below to read our Dry Eye Leaflet; find out if you would benefit from our Dry Eye Clinic by taking our Dry Eye Questionnaire.