Ethical eyeware revolution

Are you the sort of person who believes in ethical living?

Here at the Hassocks Eyecare Centre we are committed to stocking more ethical and sustainable brands. Some of our biggest brands like Silhouette and William Morris have made commitments to reducing waste, supporting overseas charities and operating sustainably.

As part of that mission, we’re very proud to stock a relatively new brand – PALA. They are a small company who want to create a business that puts people and the planet before profits.

The founder of PALA, John Pritchard, has a vision to help tackle the frightening lack of access to eyecare around the world. It is a brand born from an ideology and their collection offers recycled and biodegradable acetate options for a number of styles. Not only that, but they provide grants to eyecare projects in Africa and support the female communities who live there and make the unique recycled cases.

We are delighted to welcome John Pritchard into our store on :
Saturday 18th May for a special event between 11am-1pm

He will be talking about his business and the work he does in Africa as well as displaying his latest collection of eyewear which will be available to purchase..

As one of our valued customers, we would like to give you the opportunity to register for a free place at the event visit:-

or visit our Facebook page which will give you more details.

Find out more about PALA at