Ortho-k Lenses

Ortho-k Lenses


Ever dreamt of better vision? With Orthokeratology lenses, you can improve your vision whilst you sleep.


Ortho-k lenses help to correct myopia (short-sightedness) whilst you sleep. They are for short-sighted patients who would prefer not to wear contact lenses or glasses and offer a non-surgical alternative to laser eye surgery. 

Unlike traditional contact lenses, Ortho-k lenses are worn only at night and temporarily reshape your cornea (the front of your eye) so you can wake up to clear, sharp and natural vision that lasts all day. The process of gently altering the curvature of your cornea to correct short-sightedness using lenses is called orthokeratology.

You might consider trying Ortho-k lenses if you:

  • Have tried contact lenses and/or glasses but find them uncomfortable or impractical for your lifestyle.
  • Play sports that require clear, natural vision – like swimming or contact sports like rugby.
  • Like the idea of having laser eye surgery for myopia but worry about the risks, or the cost.
  • Wear contact lenses but suffer from discomfort or dry, uncomfortable eyes.

We use EyeDream software and computerised topography to design your lenses.

Ortho-K and myopia

Short-sightedness (myopia) is a very common eye condition thought to affect around 30% of the global population. If you have worn glasses or contact lenses to correct short-sight for most of your life, waking up to perfect vision everyday can be life changing.

Ortho-k was first introduced in 1962 by George Jessen and has already transformed the lives of thousands of people suffering from myopia.

Available only from optical specialists, Ortho-k lenses offer a non-invasive, comfortable and effective solution to vision correction with no side effects. They are suitable for myopia patients with a spherical prescription of up to -5.00D and astigmatism of up to -2.50D.

Whilst results vary for each individual, ortho-k lenses have never been known to exacerbate short-sightedness, making them the best and safest alternative to glasses and contact lenses available.

Night-time lenses

Eye Dream Lenses are worn at night time

Ortho-k lenses are custom made for your eyes and your prescription. 

They are worn overnight on the front of your eyes, just like a normal contact lens. Whilst you sleep the lenses temporarily and very gently reshape your cornea, the clear part of the front of your eye that plays a key role in creating a sharp, optical focus.

When you wake up, the slight change in the cornea curvature (less than half the width of a human hair) is enough to create clear, sharp vision for the rest of the day without glasses or contact lenses in.

Ortho-K and childhood myopia

The benefits of orthokeratology lenses for younger patients are even greater; with ortho-k lenses it’s possible to reduce the progress of myopia – this is known as myopia management. Studies show that by changing the curvature of the cornea and refocusing light on the peripheral retina, the progression of short-sightedness in children can be dramatically slowed down and sometimes even stopped.

Using myopia management in childhood can reduce the risk of developing later complications with vision and sight problems, such as glaucoma, in adulthood.

There’s also the added bonus of enjoying a childhood without glasses – children can play freely and parents don’t have to worry about replacing or repairing glasses, or buying spares.

Whilst results vary for each child, Ortho-k lenses are proven to be a safe and effective method of vision correction for children with short-sightedness, with no side effects.

Laser eye surgery alternative

Ortho-k lenses are a good alternative to invasive surgery like LASIK and LASEK surgery, both of which permanently reshape your corneas using a laser.

Many patients consider laser eye surgery to lead a life free of glasses and contact lenses. For patients with myopia, orthokeratology can provide the same freedom. Laser eye surgery has its own risks and not everyone is suitable for the surgery, making Ortho-k lenses a gentle and low-risk alternative. 

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