We have noticed that very few professional tennis players choose to wear sunglasses even when playing in the strongest sunlight and prescription sports glasses for tennis players have met with mixed reviews. We suggest serious tennis players who are unable to play without their prescription consider being fitted with contact lenses even if only for when they are playing tennis.

We do however have a large range of tinted and photochromic sunglasses for anyone who would prefer these and they are wearable designs so can be used off the court as well as on.


It is very important when playing squash to wear some form of eye protection because the squash ball is just the right size to fit into the eye socket and cause serious damage to the eye. Most other sports the ball is larger and is prevented from reaching the eye by our brow bone and cheek bone but being smaller the squash ball fits between these bones and as it is often travelling at speed can do some devastating damage.

So even if you do not need prescription glasses you should wear safety glasses when playing squash.

England Squash advice is that eye protection is advisable for doubles and in junior squash eye protection is mandatory.