Peep Club Heated Eye Wand PRO

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Fight your dry eye symptoms with The Peep Club Heated Eye Wand Pro! Combining heat, massage, and red LED light- with bonus beauty benefits! Vision Care Plan patients get 10% off, so get yours today!


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The Peep Club Heated Eye Wand Pro is the newest technology helping patients to fight dry eye symptoms, combining heat, massage, and red LED light- with bonus beauty benefits! The heating mode works just like a hot compress- regularly recommended by our Optometrists- but is clinically proven to be better than compresses at holding the optimum temperature (between 37 and 45 degrees!)- and when combined with the massage mode it promotes the unblocking of glands and dispersion of oils within the eye. The Heated Eye Wand PRO is clinically proven to improve eye hydration after just one use, but it can also help improve the appearance of fine lines under and at the sides of your eyes, thanks to the NASA-discovered science of Red LED which is supported by over 3000 clinical studies in it’s ability to boost elastin and collagen in the skin, thus helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles with regular use. Vision Care Plan patients get 10% off, so get yours today!

Please call us on 01273 843946 if you have an allergy to nickel- there is a titanium hypo-allergenic model available!


How to Use:

1) Take out contact lenses if you are wearing them. Cleanse the eye area. 

2) The Wand needs ‘slip’ to help it glide effectively. Gently pat a pea-sized amount of eye balm or use the Optase Dry Eye Spray (or your favourite under eye cream or serum) around your eye area.

3) Heat-up your Wand to 37-45 °C (this should take about 1 minute). Select your preferred mode of the four modes available. 

4) Gently run the Wand along your lower lid (below your eyelashes) starting with the inner corner of your eye and very slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. The slower the better – to give the heat enough time to work. One run from the inner to outer corner should take 15 seconds. Repeat this motion for 1-2 minutes on the lower lid.

5) If you’re using the red LED light, turn this off for the upper eye lid. Repeat the process for your upper lid for a further 1-2 minutes. 

6) Repeat on the other eye.

For best results, use every evening for 2-4 minutes per eye. Can also be used morning and evening. 

*Carefully read the instructions for use in the package.

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