Optase Tea Tree Oil Lid Cleansing Gel

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Optase Tea Tree Oil Lid Cleansing Gel

Provides 2 months supply

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OPTASE® TTO Eye Lid Cleansing Gel should be used as part of your daily dry eye regime.

Keeping your eyelids and lashes clean helps keep eye lid crusting and excess oils under control.
Clean healthy eyelids are essential in order to produce healthy tears and avoid irritation.
The gentle concentration of Tea Tree Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 is soothing for tired, dry, and sore eyes.
Part of the HEAT, CLEANSE, HYDRATE Regime

How To Use
Wash your hands then place the gel on clean fingertips. Close your eyes and gently clean and massage the eyelids and eyelashes with the gel. Icons demonstrating how to use the OPTASE® TTO Eye lid cleansing gel gently on the eyelid and lashes.

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