Contact lenses for tennis players

Is it safe to wear glasses for tennis?

How to see safely on court

After Emma Raducanu’s stunning performance at the US Open 2021 Final, tennis fever has swept the UK. As Brits dust off their racquets and balls, it’s easy to overlook an essential part of your tennis kit – clear, sharp vision and how to see safely on court.

With around 60% of the UK population wearing glasses for vision correction, is it safe to wear glasses to play tennis and how should you protect your eyes on court?

The nature of tennis means that you’re unlikely to come into physical contact with another player and therefore the risk of your glasses being knocked during a tennis game is fairly low.

However, a tennis ball does have the potential to knock glasses and therefore cause damage to the eye. It’s for this reason that anyone who usually wears glasses should consider alternatives when playing tennis to ensure complete safety on court.

We recommend contact lenses for playing tennis on an inside court, or prescription sports sunglasses for tennis on an outside court.

Sports sunglasses for tennis players

When the British weather allows, there is little that beats a game of tennis on a summer’s day. However, glare from bright sunlight can not only be very off-putting but can also damage your eyes.

Sports sunglasses, like sports glasses, are designed to accommodate a wide range of movement with the additional security of sports templates; a specially designed temple (the bit that goes behind your ear) that provides extra grip, helping to hold your frames in place. They also have lenses made from plexiglass, designed to be able to endure the impact of a ball.

Sports sunglasses are now available with a wide variety of coloured and tinted lens options. 

For playing tennis outside, we recommend sunglasses with a green tinted lens as these help to reduce glare (and therefore eyestrain) in bright conditions, whilst also improving contrast.

In varying light conditions, photochromic lenses can be invaluable. These clever lenses darken automatically when exposed to sunlight, making them a helpful addition to your tennis kit.

Most sports sunglasses are also available with prescription lenses, allowing tennis players who would usually wear glasses to enjoy vision correction and protection from the sun. 

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Why don’t professional tennis players wear sunglasses?

You may have noticed that professional tennis players don’t wear glasses or sunglasses on court. Professional tennis players tend not to wear sunglasses on court as they have some protection from sunlight from the surrounding stadium.

There are not many professional tennis players who wear glasses on court, however many do need vision correction and opt for contact lenses.

Contact lenses for tennis players

Contact Lenses at Hassocks Eyecare

Contact lenses offer a number of advantages over spectacles for playing tennis and other sports.

Not only are they considered safer, contact lenses improve your field of vision, including your peripheral vision, enabling you to see more of the court. They also won’t steam up like glasses can, so you can benefit from clear, sharp vision at all times.

Daily disposable contact lenses are extremely convenient and offer a cost effective solution for tennis players who require corrected vision on court. 

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How to order prescription sunglasses for tennis

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of prescription sports sunglasses, please visit us to see our full range. 

If you have a recent spectacle prescription then all you need to do is arrange an appointment with one of our expert dispensing opticians and we can take it from there. You can book an appointment online – choose a Spectacle Dispensing Appointment as this will be with the right person and for the right amount of time.

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