Dry eye/sore eye/itchy eye advice.

Whilst we are still using social distancing due to the pandemic please click here to be taken to our booking system where you can book in for telephone advice on which drops might suit you best and how to manage your symptoms of dry eye or sore eyes or itchy eyes. When booking please supply the telephone number you would like us to call you on and one of our optometrists will call you.


Face to face dry eye assessments including your first supply of products normally £120.00. If you would prefer to wait until we are open to book in for the face to face assessment please email reception@hassockseyecare.co.uk or call with your details and the team will add you to our priority list to let you know when we re-open.

If you are a member of our Vision Care Plan this appointment is free of charge and you receive 10% discount off the products.

To join the Vision Care Plan please call 01273 843946.

Vision Care Plan members receive 20% off sunglasses and spectacles and 10% off contact lenses and all other products

Call to join today on 01273 843946.