Tuesday 24th March 2020

As from today the advice from the College of Optometrists is now very clear – we should not be offering routine eye examinations to patients and now Boris Johnson’s statement tonight makes that all the more definite. How things have changed in just a week.

However we want to ensure all our patients have the best eye care and are seeing well during this difficult time. Therefore we are not closing the practice and will continue to be on the end of the telephone offering advice when needed.

For simplicity and speed we have listed many of the products commonly bought over the counter in our Facebook shop and if you see anything you want to buy please call us on 01273 843946 and we can take a card payment and post them to you. As a member of our Vision Care Plan you benefit from a 10% discount on these products.

Broken spectacles or emergency replacement spectacles can be supplied – we are not experiencing any supply issues although some orders are taking longer to arrive than normal. If you lose your spectacles and want a like for like replacement we can organise that but coming in to browse frames is not advised at this time.

If you wear contact lenses your supplies can continue and should you require an appointment the General Optical Council has relaxed rules regarding supply beyond your normal annual review date – we can conduct a telephone assessment and if absolutely necessary we will arrange a face to face consultation provided the risks involved are justified. As an aside please do not wear your contact lenses if you are ill as this increases your chances of having a problem and The Sussex Eye Hospital have scaled back their services.

If you have a true ocular emergency please call us and we will guide you through how to access emergency care.

We are all looking forward to being in a position to open the doors to Hassocks Eyecare Centre again and catching up on any delayed appointments.

In the meantime please use the services we have on offer but above all stay well.

Best wishes,

Vicki, Paul,William, Chris, Kelly, Jo, Rhiannon, Rachel, Helen, Jessica and Sally

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Hassocks Eyecare Centre is open for business although not quite operating as usual …

We have obviously taken careful note of the all the advice coming from NHS England and additional and very strict sterilisation steps between seeing each patient are adhered to.

We hope that we can continue to provide you with an eye health service and fabulous spectacles whilst the social distancing advice continues.
For anyone with an eye concern but who also falls into an at risk category and feels they should not attend please call and ask for an ISOLATION VISIT. During an isolation visit the rest of the practice will be closed so only you and anyone with you will be allowed in and only the essential staff needed to attend to your needs will be here. These appointments may well be out of normal practice opening hours as we try to accommodate you.

We can repair spectacles that are dropped through our letterbox.

We can post new spectacles when they are ready to save you coming to collect them.

We can take orders for contact lenses and post them if you are running short.

We can post or deliver supplies of contact lens solutions or eye drops if you need them.

Our optometrists will happily call a patient seeking advice to save a face to face visit.

Please call or book online as usual.

BUT please do not visit if you have a temperature or cough or anyone in your household has.